The Benefits

Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Sky Seller


Selling beautifully online

Customers always choose to buy products that look the best and have the most accurate descriptions. Having your own virtual store with attractive images and clear description of your products and grab customers’ attention leading to profits for you as a seller.

24/7 Selling

Unlimited Business Hours

Online shoppers can shop anytime from anywhere. With Skymart, you can actually sell while you sleep while your virtual store does all the heavy lifting.

Large Geographical Reach

Reach customers from all over Southern Africa

With Skymartbw, you can sell to millions of customers across the entire Southern African region. You are not bound to a certain location like brick and mortar businesses. Your business becomes both border-less and effortless.



Promotions and marketing support

We run high decibel marketing campaigns to ensure that your products are highlighted and reach customers. Our 4 year extensive experience in eCommerce in Africa has honed our promotional skills through digital and traditional media sets. Our aim is to sell your products quickly.


Get Paid Fast

Your earnings don’t keep you waiting

Re-invest profits to generate more business without any delay. At Skymart, you get your payments within 1-7 business days of delivering an order. The payment is made directly to your bank account, thus making the whole process fast and easy.

Easy Order Fulfillments

Easy Pickups and Deliveries

Our ever-growing logistics network ensures faster delivery of your products across Southern Africa. Your customers get great service and you get better ratings. Our logistics network ensures smooth pick-up and delivery of your products.

SMS Notifications

Receive Instant Alerts on New Orders

Get notified quickly via our excellent SMS alert system that will notify you whenever a new order has been made. Never disappoint your customers and always be up to speed with what is happening on your virtual store.

Easy Seller Dashboard

Intuitive and easy to use dashboard

Success made easier with all new Seller Dashboard. Get transparency and visibility to control your business and host of new features to help you grow.

Free Training

Get expert training from our team

With Skymart Advisors, you get in-depth knowledge of all processes and prepare yourself for success. We will assist you at every stage until you are confident enough to embark on your own. We have one on one training sessions as well as online Skype sessions that will get you up to speed quickly enough.


Expert Professional Services

Hand Picked Service Providers

Select from a wide range of professional service providers to help with your cataloging, product photography, graphic designing, digital marketing, packaging and many many more.

Brand Recognition

A trusted brand by many customers


Partner up with a brand that is a shopping destination for millions of people. A brand that has continued to deliver excellent services while changing the way business has been done.

Sellers Premium

Ultimate Online Selling tool

You sell your product, we do the rest. Get assigned a certified online store manager and take the hassle of managing. Our online store managers will ensure your online business is running smoothly with cataloging, pricing, inventory management, shipping and delivery are always at their best.