Sell While you Sleep: The Promise of E-commerce

While operating a physical store has its benefits, selling online has even more. While you have to be physically present to run the store, you can sell your products all through the day and night on an e-commerce marketplace.

Sell 24/7
An online store gives you the freedom to sell your products 24/7. There is no opening or closing time. You don’t have to worry about lower footfalls on a weekday or losing a customer because you opened your shop a little late. If you are an online seller, customers have the convenience of browsing through your products any time. Skymart alone receives more than 2 thousand pageviews daily!

Automated Processes
Order management can be a tiresome task for sellers. The excitement of getting orders is dampened when you think of the number of orders you have to process. But you don’t have to worry about this any more. E-commerce platforms are now highly advanced and can offer sellers complete order management support. Sellers can easily keep track of their orders and download and print standardized invoices and shipping labels. Automated order management enables sellers to invest more time on driving sales and offering better services to their customers. Through automated processes, sellers can easily reach a wider customer base and sell products even without being logged on all the time.

Reduced Expenses
A simple and attractive catalogue does the work of your sales personnel. The e-commerce platform is your showroom. Your products will reach customers from all over the country and you can also build a recognizable brand.

With an offline retail store, you are required to maintain an inventory. But if you are on an e-marketplace, you can opt to rent warehouse space to store inventory. Also, if you are purchasing in bulk, your cost per item will be lower, and you don’t have to house and process the inventory.

An online marketplace gives sufficient visibility into stock list and order placement, and it gives the sellers a mechanism to access their buyers’ data and purchase history. Through this, sellers can effectively analyse customer demands and measure their improvement. This also gives visibility to the product that is being sold to a much larger buyer base. This allows sellers to plan their strategies well.

In a nutshell, automated processes will accentuate your selling experience. You will save money, your products will have more visibility, you will have more freedom to take care of other important aspects of your business – say, marketing, product quality, product range, etc. Take the e-commerce route, and you can practically sell while you sleep.

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