Importance of including a Thank You note in packages

Expecting a large percentage of repeat customers or any sort of buyer loyalty? We have a few suggestions that you can adopt for your business and bring in some repeat sales for your business.  Our tips are friendly gestures that indicate not only your appreciation, but care you take with your buyers. We would like to share these tips that have worked for us at Skymartbw with you.

Buyers/customers like to feel appreciated at all times. Adding personalized ‘Thank you notes’ to buyers goods when their purchase is being delivered is very important and goes a long way. Thank you notes may take your time but we advise that you do include handwritten notes of thanks with everything deliver out to your buyers. Remember, they have chosen your item, your store inventory out of countless others, trust your description to be accurate, and your feedback reliable.

We suggest you have a thank you note printed on the back side of a fold over packaging card or just a normal business card size note paper. On the note would be a short “Thank you for your purchase” or “Thank you for choosing us” etc. This short message can be done in any way desirable by you to your buyers. If you do take the time to thank people personally – by whatever means you prefer – it does not go unnoticed.

Along with the personalized thank you note, you can also have a Discount Coupon code on the other part of the fold over packaging card or on the back of the note card that came with the package. For example, giving your customers a P25 discount with a specific coupon code they will use on the website on their next purchase from your sores is a wonderful practice and a great mean of encouraging repeat business from the buyer. You may also offer free delivery on the next purchase they make to encourage them to buy more from your store, again using a unique coupon code.

These are practices which we have been doing for some time, and have found them to be beneficial to our business. Certainly, these are not all the possibilities, and likely you will develop your own or even now have some different ideas you already use – but in the end, keeping your buyers happy and yourself successful, keeps your store and Skymartbw a great place!

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