E-commerce–Your Big Business Opportunity

In the last few years, if there is one industry that has taken centre stage in Southern Africa, it is e-commerce. Online marketplaces are changing the way Southern Africa shops. While the e-commerce in our country is a multi billion-dollar industry, it is not just the big guns that have profited from it. There are lots of small and medium entrepreneurs who joined the e-commerce bandwagon as sellers and are witnessing significant growth in their business. So, whether you are a large-scale business, small entrepreneur or plan to start your own business, e-commerce is your biggest business opportunity. Here’s why:

Low investment — High returns

The first challenge any aspiring businessman faces is having the capital required to start a business. To start your business as an online seller, you need minimal investment to build an inventory and start selling. Apart from your inventory, the only resource you will need to get started is a computer and a reliable Internet connection.

Most businesses require you to rent or buy a space to set up a business, but e-commerce does not. No shop or warehouses are required to get started. In fact, you don’t even need extra manpower if you are partnering with an e-commerce company that has a strong and efficient logistics network.

Benefits aplenty

As the proverb goes: “Opening a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art”. Managing a business is indeed a task tougher than setting it up. But managing your business on an e-commerce platform is easy with the help and support an online marketplace provides you. Any business related issues at your end are taken care of by the e-commerce company you are associated with. All you need to focus on is your business expansion and upholding the quality of your products.

No special technical skills required

One of the biggest myths that still prevail is that one needs to have some technical skills to operate in an online marketplace. But the reality is that if you can browse the Internet, surf through websites and can check emails, you are technically skilled enough to become an online seller.

Advertising made easy

Advertising is the best way to reach out to maximum number of customers and boost your sales. But it requires a fat investment and doesn’t guarantee return on investment. This means that even after advertising, you may not see a spike in your numbers. E-commerce helps solve this problem. Southern Africa’s leading e-commerce companies like Skymart provide you with the opportunity to promote your products with a small budget. You are charged as per the number of clicks your products get. More clicks, more sales. No clicks, no charges. Can advertising get any better?

The benefits of setting up your business in an online marketplace do not end here. You also get the opportunity to establish your own brand and become a household name. It is an industry that can give you high returns with low investment. Undoubtedly, the e-commerce industry in Southern Africa is the biggest business opportunity for you.

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