Black Friday Invitation to Sell


I am writing this email to talk to you about the upcoming Black Friday Global event on the 23rd of Nov 2018. If you are not aware, Black Friday is a day that marks the beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season and as such many retailers around the world celebrate by offering deep discounts to customers in pursuit of volume sales.

We at Skymart have been hosting a Black Friday sale now for the past 4 years. But this year we would like to make it a truly special event for our customers with your help. We would like to extend a warm invitation to you to submit 5 products or less with a great bargain discount that we can feature during Black Friday. It is common to see deep discounts of as much as 75% less than the usual retail price during this event.

We would be marketing these products using numerous methods;

  • A dedicated Black Friday Event Page on Skymart,
  • Web Banners within Skymart,
  • Google Adwords Campaign,
  • Social Media Sponsored Campaign,
  • Push Notification on Desktop and Mobile
  • Email Bulk Messenging
  • Bulk Messenger sending
  • Whatsapp
  • Upcoming iOS and Android App

If you are interested please do send the list via email to [email protected] or reply to this message.

Our deadline is 15th Nov 2018.

Please note that we will also feature some of the products on Cyber Monday.

Thank you for your time


Christopher Benn


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