5 online selling success factors you are probably undervaluing

Want your products to sell like hot cakes? For that, you need to have the right mix in the oven. Today’s online selling portals pose as a battleground, where you need to fight for the customers’ attention. One way of getting ahead is to turn your gaze on things you are probably undervaluing.


Warranty is your key ingredient

You may think a seller warranty goes unnoticed but in this cut-throat market, a valid warranty gives you an edge over the rest. It not only shows the reliability of your products but also gives consumers the confidence to click on the buy button. E-marketplace studies indicate a clear correlation between warranty and sales. Leading companies have reported that an increase in warranty has resulted in increased sales and vice-versa.


Spread your brand aroma

Getting your products out in the market is not enough. Creating a recognisable brand is equally important to instil confidence in customers. Engaging with your customers on social media, getting them involved in brand conversations and keeping them up-to-date about the products will take the relationship a long way. With the right promotion and interaction, you can build a brand that customers will quickly relate and be loyal to.


Breathe in the reviews

One of the aspects often overlooked by online retailers is buyers’ reviews. It’s a good practice to capture what customers feel about your products. Feedback can help you directly connect with customer sentiments. A successful tool to gauge your strengths and weaknesses, reviews can be the basis of improved services and enhanced capabilities. Such information will give future customers more insight into your goods and help them make informed decisions. You could send a customer a note asking them for feedback and reviews along with their orders. Also, promptly responding to customer comments gives them a feeling of being heard rather than ignored.


Time it right

Once you get the orders, it’s your job to make sure customers get their products on time. Keep that timer ready. Make sure the orders are packed and ready to be shipped on-time. Delivering as promised wins hearts and retains buyers.


Keep your oven up and running

Ensure you have enough stocks and your list is updated. Nothing leaves a worse taste in the mouth than being told a product is unavailable after the order has been placed.

Just as a pinch of cinnamon can make all the difference in an apple pie, so too a few changes in the way you run your business will ensure your products are on the bestseller list.

Now that you know the secret ingredients, it’s time to whip up those sales. Make your customers smile and give your business the success it deserves. Keep selling!

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