10 Reasons Why Selling on Skymart is Simpler than Running a Brick and Mortar Store

Haven’t started selling online because you find it complicated to handle? Here are 10 reasons why selling on Skymart is way easier than selling offline:

  • No Expenditure on Setting up Shop:

    When you’re opening a conventional brick and mortar store, a painfully long list of expenses crops up. It comprises expenses of renting/buying land, interior decoration, electricity and miscellaneous costs. Unavoidable and exorbitant as these expenses are when you have a brick-and-mortar store, selling on Skymart means that such expenses become void. In the absence of a registration or listing fee, you can actually start your business at a zero set-up cost!


  • Wider Customer Reach:

    Only occasionally would a potential customer go beyond a few miles to visit a particular store, even if the brand is a personal favourite of that customer. On the other hand, Skymart offers a much larger geographical reach for sellers to showcase their products. Since the Skymart website can be accessed from anywhere in Southern Africa, the customer base is automatically broadened to include countless delivery areas spanning 5000+ cities and towns.


  • Open for Business 24×7:

    Very rarely do brick and mortar stores stay open 24×7 and even if they do, it involves more expenditure and insufficient footfall that doesn’t make up for the expenses incurred. It’s unheard of for a customer to step out of his house at midnight just to buy a jacket. Skymart doesn’t shut shop which implies customers can conveniently browse for hours, be it in on their way back home or during a boring marathon meeting at work, thus getting 24×7 access to your product range, without ever having to step out of their comfort zone.


  • Expert Assistance at Every Stage:

    At every stage of the selling process, Skymart provides you with assistance via Skymart Advisors who are always available to help sellers set up and manage their businesses online. From suggesting the best ways to promote your product range, to recommendations on pricing and assortment, Skymart helps you with everything at every step. There is no such direct help available for brick and mortar store owners.


  • Work from Anywhere:

    Businessmen often spend at least 10 to 12 hours a day and 7 days a week ‘behind the counter’ to maintain profit levels. So when do you get to go on a relaxing vacation with your family or take a breather from the 24×7 behind-the-counter routine? Through Skymart’s Seller Dashboard and future Seller Zone Mobile App, you can keep a tab on your online business from anywhere. Instead of staying stuck at your brick and mortar store, you can manage your Skymart online shop through your laptop or smartphone, anywhere in the world. With Skymart, you get to keep track of things, whenever and wherever you want to.


  • Warehousing, Packaging & Transportation:

    These are intimidating aspects of running a store that deter many sellers from selling home decor or accessories. Storing inventory in warehouses, effectively packaging the items to protect them from damage, and transporting them to the stores/customers are processes that every store owner has to deal with. Not only does this greatly add to the hassles of selling offline, it can also be a setback in terms of customer satisfaction. With your store on Skymart, however, you can stop worrying because Skymart handles all this for its sellers as part of their Skymart Plus program.


  • Visual Merchandising:

    Deciding how to present products in-store is a major task, and has been proven to have a considerable impact on how customers make buying decisions. However, once you’re on-board on Skymart as a seller, you can forget about the hassles of visual merchandizing. All you need are product shots to upload on the e-commerce portal. If you’re unsure of how to photograph your shoe collection so as to retain its uniqueness in the photos, Skymart connects you with trained photographers. They ensure that you adhere to cataloguing guidelines and give you professional product shots according to your budget.


  • Product Diversification:

    Since a lot of the logistical problems are taken care of by Skymart and the expenditure on selling gets reduced, as a business owner you can instead invest time and resources on developing your products and offering your potential customers a more diverse range to choose from. Wider the variety of your product portfolio, the wider your potential customer base, which in turn leads to more buyers and of course, more profit.


  • Free Training & Support:

    Free training is provided to all sellers for the various processes of online selling. This prevents sellers from making rookie mistakes during a new venture. Perfect as your product collection may be, there are chances of making errors in targeting your ideal market, setting initial prices or deciding assortment. All the information sellers need to navigate the market and run the store is available, absolutely free of cost.


  • No Marketing Costs:

    For both new and steady businesses, marketing is a battle. Ensuring your customers are aware of and interested in your category are challenges that concern every business owner. That’s where Skymart comes in to save the day. Skymart takes up the task of promoting products being sold to the right customers through successful online and offline marketing campaigns. Skymart ensures that every customer who could be looking for a product from your category now has the means and the inclination to do buy it as well.

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