10 Amazing Product Pictures

The adage ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ more relevant today than ever before. If you want your products to be picked over the rest, the images of the product have to be a cut above the rest. Here are a few amazing pictures that say a great deal about the products.



  1.      Food for your sole

Feed your feet to incomparable style. This image of the blue leather shoes is a visual treat. The play of light and shadows is used to highlight the hue of the shoe to perfection.



  1.      Tote your style

All the essential features are clearly visible in this picture: the pretty metallic butterfly chain hanging from the side, the colour, the buckles and the size. There would be no confusion in the customer’s mind when she picks up this product.


  1.      Pretty in Pink 

The picture of a model wearing the dress makes a difference here. The customer can visualise it better. It shows the length and colour well, so customers can choose well.



  1. Come, taste the stars

Flute glasses with champagne are a visual treat indeed. This would induce any customer to long for them.


  1.      Adapt yourself to every occasion


The contrast of the green shirt over the pair of brown khakis makes for a striking image.


  1.     Phone covers


The blue cover set against the green phone and the other without makes for a delicious combination that is hard to resist.


  1.      Class redefined

The room decor and palate are just right to make the bedspread pop!



  1.      Luxe is earned!

The close-up shot of the watch shows the kind of precision it took to make this singular timepiece.


  1.      Girls’ Footwear

Pursue Your Style! A close-up shot of the footwear provides clarity on its colour and make. Online shoppers can easily decide on the product.


  1.  Bag it

Be wild, be crazy! The bag looks packed and ready!

At an offline retail store, prospective buyers inspect the product personally before buying. However, in an online store, high-definition images of the products taken from different angles are as close a buyer will get to the real thing.

For clarity, keep in mind the picture composition. This will depend on the product. If they are small items, close-ups shots work better. For apparels, models wearing the product help with the display. Calling attention to the products through images being sold is key.


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